You May Have A Ghostly Encounter While Dining At The Country House Restaurant In Illinois

If you’ve been to the Country House Restaurant in Clarendon Hills, you may have heard the stories. Some people may have spoken about strange incidents that have happened within its walls over the years. With the inexplicable sounds of footsteps, a baby crying, pounding on the walls, and several sightings of a phantom woman, this Illinois restaurant is believed to be haunted.

This Youtube Video by Dean Timson shares some paranormal experiences people have had at the Country House.

Have you been to Country House in Clarendon Hills or any other haunted restaurants in the Prairie State? Please tell us about your experiences in the comment section!

For more information on the haunted Country House in Clarendon Hills and the (not haunted) second location in Geneva, visit the website and Facebook page.

Address: 241 W 55th St, Clarendon Hills, IL 60514, USA