The Abandoned Bridge To Nowhere In The Middle Of The Georgia Woods Will Capture Your Imagination

The Peach State is a beautiful place, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t home to many allegedly haunted places. There are plenty of urban legends in Georgia, and many of them center around Spook Bridge. This “bridge to nowhere” in Georgia is right on the county line between Lowndes and Brooks Counties, not far from Quitman. The dilapidated bridge has not been in use for decades, and it no longer even leads to anywhere. The road it was once part of has long since been closed down. Spook Bridge is closed off to visitors, but it’s the source of many rumors and urban legends in the area. It’s said to be the site of several murders and suicides. Many who have trespassed on the bridge claim to have experienced eerie presences or heard unusual sounds. Read on to learn more, if you dare.

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Address: Spook Bridge, 958-924 Old Quitman Hwy, Quitman, GA 31643, USA