There are definitely some crazy stories that come out of Kansas urban legends. Of course, the craziest story is about a creepy place in Kansas with haunted lore like you wouldn’t believe. Have you ever heard of the gate to the underworld in Kansas (allegedly)? It’s not something to mess around with, according to legend.

Note: We do not condone any trespassing or vandalism at this site. Be respectful, and always ask permission before you visit. The local residents and police take trespassing very seriously.

Of course, there are more haunted places in Kansas to check out instead of this one, if you’d like to avoid it altogether. We suspect the people in Stull would prefer you to stay away as well.

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Gate to the Underworld in Kansas

Is there really a gate to hell in Kansas?  

Okay, maybe not literally – you won’t be finding some rusty old gates with the depths of Biblical hell behind them in Kansas – because the “gate” isn’t literal. It’s more like a portal from which all sorts of super-spooky things are said to emerge, a place where ghosts, spirits, demons, and the like enter our plane from another. It is said to be one of seven – count em, seven – portals to hell in the United States. Whether it is or not depends on you, your belief system, and just how brave (and/or foolish) you are: will you check the gates out for yourself? What about some of the other notoriously haunted places in Kansas 

Where is the gateway to hell in Kansas?  

The gateway to hell in Kansas is said to be located within Stull Cemetery, an otherwise innocuous and simple-looking graveyard in Stull, Kansas, that has somehow become the center of demonic conspiracy theories from the spirit realm. Ironically, there’s a church across the street from Stull Cemetery that welcomes visitors should they get a little too spooked.  

What’s the story behind the Kansas gateway to hell?  

Of course, like most urban legends, the story behind the Kansas gateway to hell within Stull Cemetery is steeped in myth, fact, and everything in between. Over the decades, generations have built upon the idea of the gateway to hell is right there, and there are plenty of stories to go with it. Perhaps the most commonly-told tale is that which began surfacing in the 1980s, in which the burned-out church still sitting on the grounds of Stull Cemetery has a basement. And, should you get into this basement and start taking the wooden stairs down... down... down some more, eventually, you’ll find yourself at the literal gates of hell itself. Of course, nobody who’s ever done this has lived to tell the tale ;)