11 Terrifying Things In Kansas That Can (And Just Might) Kill You

I think it’s safe to say that Kansas is a fairly quiet and secure state. Pair that with unsurpassed beauty and you have an essentially perfect place to live! Well, almost perfect… Unfortunately, there are still some undesirable aspects to the state, like some of the most dangerous animals in Kansas, including these 11 terrifying things that can (and just might) kill you:

What other things in Kansas can kill you? Tell us your take in the comments, hopefully not from any kind of personal experience.

Address: Wichita, KS, USA
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Most Dangerous Animals in Kansas

July 06, 2022

What can you do to stay safe in Kansas?

To stay safe during a tornado, head to a basement, storm cellar, or small interior room with no windows. The winds can easily break glass causing the risk of injury while you’re sheltering. Keep your head and neck protected and have a radio, cellphone, or other communication device with you in your safe sheltering space. State officials also recommending signing up for an alert service so you have time to prepare in advance of a storm. And perhaps most importantly, you end up getting blown away by a tornado, don’t trust any wizards running Emerald Cities.

To combat another weather hazard, the intense heat, wear loose and breathable clothing and avoid strenuous physical activity if possible when temperatures are dangerously high. It’s important to stay hydrated with plenty of liquids, water being the most advantageous option.

Unfortunately there’s no way to stay safe from your sports team losing a big game. It’s a rough world. That one’s up to the universe and the coach. We recommend treating the injury with chocolate and relentless, though possibly delusional optimism.

Address: Wichita, KS, USA