The Story Behind Kansas’s Most Haunted House Will Give You Nightmares

It has been called not only the most haunted house in Kansas—but in the entire country.

Built in the mid-1800s in the growing community of Atchison, the home on 508 N. Second Street has seen its fair share of owners through the years, including the family of a 6-year-old girl named Sallie, who died in the home during a botched appendicitis surgery.

It wasn’t until the mid-1990s when Sallie’s story first gained both local and national attention, when then-owners Tony and Debra Pickman lived in the home and began noticing strange occurrences, including attacks on Tony, unexplained voices, and apparent burnt finger marks upon mysteriously burning candles. After extensive investigations conducted by the Kansas Paranormal Group, it was discovered that Sallie wasn’t the only ghost haunting the home, but a middle-aged woman as well (who is said to have been behind the more frightening attacks).

You, our awesome readers, had a few stories to share regarding your experiences with the Sallie House, including:

I have seen the episode on the TV show “A Haunting” about The Sally House…..very scary. The story line is that the owner was a doctor, who had an affair with the African American house maid, resulting in the birth of a child….a girl named Sally. When she was around 6-7 she became ill and it was determined that she needed to have her appendix taken out but the doctor didn’t want anyone to know about Sally so he refused to take her to the hospital and she died. Her mother was very angry and attacked the doctor resulting in her death. The doctor moved away and Sally and her mother remained, as spirits, in the house. The mother is still grieving her child and is the one who attacks the visitors but Sally is a happy ghost and tries to play with the children that move in…no families stay very long due to the vicious attacks….usually to the adult males. I suspect the doctor buried the bodies of Sally and her mother somewhere on the premises or in the basement.

I have been to Sallies house when a friend lived there. The curtains caught on fire in his bedroom.

[I’ve] Been scratched at the Sallie house.

I have been to the Sallie house. Never had anything bad happen to us physically but have gotten some very interesting photos. Even one of who we believe is Sallie.

Now it is your turn to sound off: Is Sallie’s House haunted or is a mere urban legend?

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