The Abandoned Sauer Castle In Kansas Is One Of The Eeriest Places In America

The Sunflower State is not exactly known as an enclave of castles. We’re far from medieval Europe, and as far as we know, Hogwarts hasn’t been discovered within the borders of Kansas. You may be surprised to learn that we actually do have a few castles in Kansas. One of our favorites is Sauer Castle – an abandoned home that is one of the state’s most beautiful pieces of architecture. It’s also surrounded by rumors of ghosts and spirits that linger on the property. Check it out:

Catch more inside views from a 2011 tour taken by Youtube user Thomas Laurance:


If you’ve got a spare $10,000,000 lying around, you could be the owner of this abandoned castle in Kansas. Check out the listing on Trulia.

Address: 935 Shawnee Rd, Kansas City, KS 66103, USA