Oklahoma has some pretty creepy urban legends and adding to that list is the story of The Purple Church in the small town of Spencer, just outside of Oklahoma City. It’s known as one of the most haunted places in the state and is said to be a gateway to the underworld. Even the boldest of paranormal investigators balk at the idea of risking it at this haunted location. Take a look at this eerie place that you may, or may not, depending on how brave you are, want to stay far away from.

Lots and lots of dead animal carcasses have been photographed, which supports the claim that animal sacrifices often occur at The Purple Church. Many who visit have reported an ominous feeling so heavy, they had to immediately leave. Nowadays there are also the neighbors to content with. The locals are so tired of people visiting and causing trouble while doing so that they’re wont to confront people who head to The Purple Church looking for a thrill. Many have claimed they’ve been chased by a black pickup truck with no headlights, it’s unclear whether the driver is a satanic monster or a frustrated neighbor.

Do you think you could handle visiting this gateway to the underworld? If so, you may also enjoy visiting this haunted road in Oklahoma.

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