This Abandoned 1920s Mansion In Oklahoma Will Never Be Forgotten…And It’s Hauntingly Beautiful

The town of Fairfax began in 1903 as a popular railway town within the Osage Indian Reservation. By the time of statehood in 1907, the town had over 450 residents and by 1940 the population had grown to over 2,300. Unfortunately, as oil production began dropping so did the population, which caused many homes and structures to be abandoned. One such home was a mansion built in the 1920s and was rumored to be the home of the town’s founder, Lew A. Wismeyer. The last known residents probably occupied the home in the 1990s and ever since the home has been withering away.

Here is a look into this abandoned mansion in Oklahoma, the hauntingly beautiful Fairfax Mansion.

For a full tour of the abandoned mansion in Oklahoma, watch the brief video below:

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Address: Fairfax, OK 74637, USA
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abandoned mansion in Oklahoma

October 19, 2021

Does Oklahoma have any ghost towns?

You bet! Oklahoma’s extensive railroad history means that many once-thriving communities were left for ruin when rail routes inevitably changed. These places still exist today, albeit as a shadow of what they once were. Visiting a ghost town is a chilling yet deeply fascinating experience, and you may be surprised to learn that there are hundreds upon hundreds of them here in the Sooner State. Some of the most distinct ghost towns in Oklahoma include Ingalls, Lenora, Picher, Skedee, and Texola. Curious to learn more? Check out our article highlighting these abandoned places in Oklahoma.

What are some of the scariest places in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has a vast and complicated history. Many of its buildings have stood the test of time yet are believed to be incredibly haunted. A prime example is St. Vincent’s Mental Asylum. Opened by the Brothers of Mercy, the purpose of the asylum was to care for those suffering from intense mental illnesses. In the 1960s, however, there were indications that murders were taking place within the asylum’s walls. This troubled landmark eventually became a drug rehab center, yet tragedy followed once again when the priest who opened the facility was killed on-site. Some other terrifying places in Oklahoma include Dead Woman’s Crossing, Camp Scott, Sacred Heart Mission, Haunted Parallel Forest, Stone Lion Inn, Picher, Timber Ridge Cemetery, Skirvin Hotel, Fort Reno, and Jessie Creek Cemetery. Would you dare to visit any of these scary places in Oklahoma?

Address: Fairfax, OK 74637, USA