Of all the haunted, spooky places in the sooner state, the Sacred Heart in Konawa Oklahoma has a truly terrifying past. The mission was built in 1880 and was used as a farm, school, chapel, seminary, and boarding house. It was a flourishing mission until tragedy struck in 1901, when a fire broke out in the dining hall out and destroyed most of the facility.

There’s a sense of sadness here, a darkness that feels like a heavy veil that was never lifted after the tragedy. It’s a chilling place even without the ghost stories, but the tale of wayward spirits stuck here for eternity is certainly a dark one no matter what you believe.

Over a century later, remains of the mission still stand with two renovated structures and three cemeteries, as well as a church. The new Catholic church, just outside the mission grounds, is still in operation today. Paranormal investigators have visited the site due to its rich history, isolated location, and reports of paranormal activity. From angry Native American ghosts to demonic activity and even murders, Sacred Heart is a site to be visited with caution.

Check out this intriguing video by Native Boy Productions on YouTube for more of the disturbing backstory and spooky goings-on at the Mission:


Have you ever visited the spooky (but beautiful) Sacred Heart in Konawa Oklahoma? What did you think? Did anything interesting occur? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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Sacred Heart in Konawa Oklahoma

What is the history of the Sacred Heart Cemetery in Konawa Oklahoma?  

Once upon a time – a long, long time ago – what is now the Sacred Heart Cemetery in Konawa, Oklahoma was a convent and girls’ school. It dates as far back as 1876, though it was destroyed by a devastating fire in 1901 and rebuilt. Interestingly, there are still ruins of buildings past on the grounds, which most certainly doesn’t help the allegations of hauntings and spooky goings-on that are said to be afoot.  

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