This Haunted Mission In Oklahoma Has A Dark Past…And It’s Truly Terrifying

Of all the haunted, spooky places in Oklahoma, Sacred Heart Mission in Pottawatomie County has a truly terrifying past. The mission was built in 1880 and was used as a farm, school, chapel, seminary and boarding house. It was a flourishing mission until tragedy struck in 1901 when a fire broke out in the dining hall out and destroyed most of the facility. Many of the children died that day and it is said that their spirits still haunt the mission.

Over a century later, remains of the mission still stand with two renovated structures and three cemeteries, as well as a church. The new Catholic church, outside the mission grounds, is still in operation today. Paranormal investigators have visited the site due to its rich history, isolated location and reports of paranormal activity. From angry Native American ghosts to demonic activity to murders, Sacred Heart is a site to be visited with caution.

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