Most People Have Long Forgotten About This Vacant Ghost Town In Rural Oklahoma

Located in Pawnee County, Skedee, Oklahoma is a ghost town in a rural part of the state that most people have long forgotten. It was once an oil boomtown where millions of dollars flowed through it, but it now sits abandoned with pieces of history still scattered around town.

Watch the video below to see past and present photos of Skedee, uploaded by Youtube user Oklahoma Ghost Towns:

Have you ever visited Skedee, Oklahoma? If so, did you see the Bond of Friendship monument? For more ghost towns in Oklahoma, gas up the car and take this abandoned Oklahoma road trip to see some of the Sooner State’s most hauntingly beautiful ghost towns.

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Address: Skedee, OK 74058, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Ghost Town in Oklahoma

November 23, 2021

What are some abandoned towns in Oklahoma?  

Oklahoma is one of those states that are simply heaven for those who are fascinated by urban exploration and urban decay. There have been countless towns that came and went throughout Oklahoma’s history, and a few of them are even still standing – at least partially – at the time of this writing. For example, there’s the town of Picher, in Ottawa County. It was once a booming town centered around mining lead and zinc – up until excessive waste pileup, poor management, and other issues ensured that the town itself was literally toxic and dangerous to live in. Most of the residents moved; some, however, opted to stay – that is, until what remained of the town was destroyed by an EF4 tornado in 2008. Then, there are more than 2,000 ghost towns scattered all over the state; many of them still have at least one or two buildings still standing. For more of our favorite abandoned places in Oklahoma, check this article out!  

Where is Skedee, Oklahoma?  

Skedee is (or should we say was) located in Pawnee County in north-central Oklahoma. It was once known as Lemert, named after a local family who owned land in the area. The opening of an official post office in 1902 prompted a name change, however, and thus “Skedee” was born. It saw no shortage of problems, though – in 1957, the ever-important rail line through the town was destroyed by flooding. The population dwindled rapidly, and in 1963, the post office that had established Skedee as an official town was closed, resulting in the complete abandonment of the town. Today, it’s still there; buildings still stand, and one can still see statues and other aspects of what used to be. Skedee, Oklahoma is nowhere near alone; there are more than 2,000 known ghost towns in Oklahoma alone.