This Place In Oklahoma Has A Dark And Evil History That Will Never Be Forgotten

Tulsa’s Hex House (as it became known) has a dark and evil history that haunted Tulsa for years. This was infamous as one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma. A woman by the name of Carolann Smith lived in a duplex with two other women whom she kept as virtual slaves. The two women, Virginia Evans, 31, and Willetta Horner, 30, were “hexed” into giving every dime of their paychecks to Mrs. Smith. She convinced the women that their “big reward” would be in heaven. Smith not only lived off their paychecks – but she also milked Ms. Evans’ father for $17,000 for “nursing care” for his daughter. Mrs. Smith also collected life insurance policies on people who “conveniently” died that were close to her – including her father, late husband, and even her housemaid.

The case broke wide open when police were investigating WWII ration book fraud. They found the two imprisoned women living in the basement in beyond horrid conditions. They had been beaten, starved, and treated with utter cruelty while Smith was living a lavish lifestyle upstairs. The two women are said to have been living under occult belief and/or hypnotic conditions for seven years. Did this horrible house ensure that Tulsa is one of the most haunted towns in Oklahoma? It just might have.

What do you think? Could the legacy of Hex House be so powerful that even the lot it used to occupy is plagued with ghosts? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. What do you think the most haunted towns in Oklahoma might be? We love hearing from you!

Address: Tulsa, OK, USA

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Haunted Towns in Oklahoma

November 23, 2021

What are some genuinely haunted places in Oklahoma?  

Oklahoma is not a state without its ghosts – or so they say. As a result, there are seemingly endless options when it comes to places you might just see a ghost! For example, there’s the Stone Lion Inn, in Guthrie, which is said to be haunted by the spirit of a child; cold spots, orbs, strange presences, and more bizarre occurrences have been reported here time and time again. It probably doesn’t help that the mansion spent some time as a funeral home, either. Then, there’s the Constantine Theatre in Pawhuska, where it’s said that ghostly audience members tend to manifest upon the balconies. Tulsa has several haunted places, like the Hex House and Cain’s Ballroom, which is thought to be haunted by old Bob Wills, a radio personality from the days of old. Want some more inspiration? Check out this haunted road trip to some of the scariest places in Oklahoma we put together just for you!  

Where was Tulsa’s Hex House?  

The original Hex House is no longer standing; nowadays, if you look up “Tulsa Hex House”, you’ll find the address and information for a world-famous haunted attraction based on the horrifying story of the original. Where was the original, you ask? It was originally located at 10 East 21st Street, in Tulsa. It was the scene of a terrible crime – two young women were held against their will to essentially perform as slaves for the owner of the house, a woman by the name of Carolann Smith. It’s thought to this day that Carolann was a witch; the women whom she imprisoned claimed to be helpless against her, as they’d been “hexed” to serve her “for all time” – until they died, anyway, when they’d get their “reward” in Heaven. The house was eventually demolished and is now a parking lot, but the ghosts and their stories remain…  

Address: Tulsa, OK, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.