The Story Behind This Evil Place In Oklahoma Will Make Your Blood Turn Cold

If you head outside Oklahoma City to the town of Spencer, there’s an evil place known as The Purple Church that has long been recognized as one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma. The interesting part is that it’s not purple, nor is it a church, but it is full of paranormal activity that will make your blood turn cold. Read on to find out more about the history and location of this scary and horrifying place in Oklahoma.


This video is for informational purposes only. The Purple Church is located on private property, and visitors must get permission to enter.

For a more in-depth look into The Purple Church, watch below:

Please remember The Purple Church is on private property…no trespassing is allowed.

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Address: Spencer, OK, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Evil Place in Oklahoma

December 07, 2021

Is there a haunted church in Oklahoma?  

It’s funny you should ask, because yes – yes there is. You’ve just read the legend of the creepy Purple Church in Oklahoma, a little old place in Spencer that’s said to be the very gate to hell itself. All that’s left of it nowadays is the concrete slab foundation and the old basement – which is where all the evil goings-on are thought to have happened. Well, then there’s also the legend of a church in Konowa that’s experienced all sorts of paranormal goings-on, especially around Halloween, when local interest in the building seems to peak. It’s said that the spirits of many people lurk in its halls and in its pews, though, of course, those are only legends… or are they? Perhaps you’ll have to visit the church and find out… if you dare.  

What are some notoriously haunted places in Oklahoma? 

Sweet, spooky home Oklahoma! There are so many places in the Sooner State that are thought to be haunted or otherwise paranormal that it’s pretty much impossible to list them all in a short paragraph; Oklahoma is a wonderful state for ghost hunters, we’ll put it that way. It seems like every single town has at least one or two places that are incredibly creepy and rumored to be haunted; in Guthrie, for example, there’s the old Masonic Boys’ Home, and the beautiful-but-spooky Stone Lion Inn, both of which are thought to be haunted by the wayward spirits of deceased children. In Oklahoma City, you’ll find haunts like the famous Skirvin Hotel, where people have heard crying babies when there are no babies in the area, seen objects moving by themselves and lights turning on and off on their own, encountered bizarre apparitions, and more. Should you ever find yourself ghost hunting in Tulsa, check out the old Gilcrease Museum as well as Cain’s Ballroom – you ought not to be disappointed. Craving more haunted Oklahoma? Check out this haunted places in Oklahoma road trip 

Address: Spencer, OK, USA