The Creepiest Hike In Oklahoma Takes You Through The Ruins Of An Abandoned Government Experiment

Oklahoma is full of abandoned places to explore, but this one might be one of the creepiest. The Parallel Forest Loop Trail in the Wichita Mountains takes you through an abandoned government experiment from 1912, and it’s as creepy as it sounds.

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Not all of the trails in the Wichita Mountains are haunted. One of the best hiking trails in the state is the Narrows Trail in the Wichita Mountains. It’s not too long, but it’s definitely a trail for experienced hikers due to the rugged terrain. Lace up those hiking boots; fill up the Yetis, and head to this majestic trail if you’re looking for a hike that’s full of beauty (without the eerie forest).

Address: Parallel Forest, Meers Rd, Lawton, OK 73507, USA