What This Footage Captured At This Abandoned Oklahoma Missile Silo Is Truly Grim

From 1962-1965, the 577th Strategic Missile Squadron was based at Altus Air Force Base in Altus, Oklahoma. It housed a total of 12 different missile locations around Altus Air Force Base – 11 in Oklahoma and one in Texas. While in operation, these missile sites were manned by the US Air Force 24 hours day/365 days a year. What is now an abandoned missile silo in Oklahoma was once a busy place with lots of secrets.

The Missile Silos were decommissioned and are now abandoned. Take a look at footage captured at one of these sites in Altus:

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In November of 1964, it was announced that the type of missiles that were housed and cared for here were being phased out of commission. On March 25th, 1965, the squadron was closed down for good, which spelled the end of the entire operation.

What are your thoughts about this creepy old abandoned missile silo in Oklahoma? Would you ever explore it, if you could? Here at Only In Your State, we don’t recommend exploring these places on your own; trespassing isn’t being very excellent to each other, so it’s best to leave that stuff to those whose work we’ll admire when they’re editing it, like the above video.

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Address: Altus, OK, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Abandoned Missile Silo in Oklahoma

December 21, 2021

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Address: Altus, OK, USA