This Lake In Oklahoma Is One Of The Most Haunted Places In America And You’ll Want To Think Twice Before Swimming In It

Voted one of the most haunted places in America, Veteran’s Lake has a long history of hauntings in Oklahoma. It’s one of those places that you’re not quite sure what to expect, so you might want to think twice before swimming in it. In short, it’s largely considered to be the most haunted lake in Oklahoma.

Are you wondering what could be so scary about a lake? Well, keep scrolling and we’ll tell you all about this disturbing place.

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Of all the haunted, spooky places in Oklahoma, Sacred Heart Mission in Pottawatomie County has a truly terrifying past. The mission was built in 1880 and was used as a farm, school, chapel, seminary, and boarding house. It was a flourishing mission until tragedy struck in 1901 when a fire broke out in the dining hall out and destroyed most of the facility. Many of the children died that day and it is said that their spirits still haunt the mission. Read more about this story here.

Address: Veterans Lake, Sulphur, OK 73086, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

haunted lake in Oklahoma

October 19, 2021

What are the most haunted places in Oklahoma?

As you’ve learned from reading about the most haunted lake in Oklahoma, the Sooner State is filled with paranormal activity. From abandoned ghost towns to haunted hotels and just about everything in between, Oklahoma has its fair share of spooky spots. Curious to check out some of these places? We’ve compiled a road trip that will take you to some of the most terrifying places in Oklahoma. Some of the destinations along the way include Redbud Valley Nature Preserve in Tulsa, Cains Ballroom Dancing in Tulsa, Ingalls Ghost Town, St. Vincent’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, Dead Woman’s Crossing in Custer County, Parallel Forest in the Wichita Mountains, Sacred Heart Mission & Cemetery in Konawa, Tucker Cemetery in Comanche, and Fort Washita in Durant. Learn more about this haunted road trip through Oklahoma.

Where can I go in Oklahoma that only the locals know about?

If it’s your first time visiting Oklahoma, you’ll likely be tempted to visit some of the state’s most popular attractions. However, going to the little-known, off-the-beaten-path locales can be just as rewarding, if not more so. One such destination is a place known as Medicine Park. This picturesque, cobblestone community next to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is tailor-made for a day trip. At the center of town, you’ll find Cobblestone Row, a charming street filled with must-visit shops and restaurants. During the summer, you can swim in Medicine Creek and Bath Lake. Learn more about this hidden destination in Oklahoma that you’ll want to visit.

Address: Veterans Lake, Sulphur, OK 73086, USA