This Creepy Asylum In Oklahoma Is Still Standing…And Still Disturbing

Not much has been documented over the years about St. Vincent’s Mental Asylum in Oklahoma City. St. Vincent’s began as a mental hospital in 1945, expanding rapidly over the next several years whilst treating male patient exclusively. This creepy asylum in Oklahoma would soon become one the state’s most bizarre and tormented places as stories from the inside began to creep out.

The asylum was operated by the Brothers of Mercy – a religious order providing care for the mentally ill. Starting in the 1960s, murders of patients became a regular occurrence. The first known tragedy began when a nurse inexplicably suffocated two patients. Unfortunately, the tragedies didn’t end there.

The asylum was later run by a priest named Frank Dolan, who turned it into a drug rehab center. Things again went horribly wrong when Father Dolan was killed on the property by the patients he was trying to help. The facility only lasted until the 1980s, when it was shut down. The property is now believed to be haunted by tortured souls of the past, but what do you think?

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Address: Oklahoma City, OK, USA
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Creepy Asylum in Oklahoma

July 19, 2021

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Address: Oklahoma City, OK, USA