These Amazing Abandoned Factories In Milwaukee Hide A Colorful Surprise Inside

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a historical city of industry and has many abandoned factories to show for it. While most abandoned places are eerily beautiful, this one has an unexpected surprise inside.

A collection of decaying factories, located off of Greenfield Avenue and Water Street just outside of downtown Milwaukee, has become a unique canvas for some of the most infamous graffiti artists in the area. Their bright, colorful creations cover nearly every square inch of the brick walls within reach. Unlike other long forgotten spots where stark and silent spaces reveal the beauty in the breakdown, the artwork adorning these abandoned factories provides a colorful contrast to these buildings as they are slowly reclaimed by nature.

These factories, originally operated the Solvay Coke & Gas Plant, opened in 1906 and closed in 1983. The largest building is likely to have been the main factory, another was possibly a library filled with bookcases. Other buildings at this location were once scientific labs, and you can still find some of their forgotten instruments inside.

While other cities around the world are widely known for their incredible street art, this colorful gem is hiding right here in the heart of Milwaukee!

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Please note: Decaying spaces like these can be dangerous. Please be careful and respect the property.