The Wisconsin Legend of Haunchyville Will Baffle You

One of the really great parts of living in Wisconsin is the stories that come out of here. Whether you think that the urban legends are real, or have some grain of truth, or are totally made up, it doesn’t matter. We have some of the most imaginative folks living here. One of the greatest urban legends in Wisconsin is the Legend of Haunchyville. According to the story, there were once some people of shorter stature who were employed by the circus. They were horribly exploited by their mean boss, and one day they got tired of it. They managed to kill him and moved to the woods to set up their own society. This society is apparently located by Muskego. It is a regular community, but everyone just lives in really small homes. And if anyone tries to come in to their village, they won’t kill you, but they will perform an amputation so you live as a little person like them. Only one person who ever visited this village before has escaped this fate. Once there was an albino child who visited the village. The residents took him in as his own and the boy grew quite tall and big. He became their protector, and will mercilessly defend against any intruders. Here is a story from an apparent survivor of Haunchyville.

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