13 Abandoned Buildings Across Wisconsin That Are Creepy Yet Beautiful

Nothing is more fascinating than looking at abandoned places and imagining what life must have been like when they were in use. Whether it’s an old home, church, business, or even an abandoned hospital in WI, there is such a rich and interesting history that goes along with each location. This post takes a look at some abandoned places throughout Wisconsin so you can help us tell their story.

Depending on the location, and quite frankly the time of day, not ALL abandoned places are creepy. These abandoned buildings in Wisconsin each have their own story to tell. By sharing them with you, our hope is that you help preserve their memory. Are there some cool abandoned places near you? Tell us about them in the comments!

Now that we have sparked your curiosity for abandoned places, how about taking a look at ten ghost towns in Wisconsin that are nearly gone, but not forgotten?

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More abandoned places in Wisconsin

January 31, 2023

Are there any abandoned places to visit in WI?

Every state has its long-lost treasures, and Wisconsin has plenty of old stories to tell. As time passes, buildings and even whole towns are weathered by wind and rain until they slowly return to nature. Here are a few abandoned places to visit in Wisconsin:

  • Maribel Caves Hotel, Maribel, WI: This early 1900s hotel was once a hot spot for weary travelers, but it was devastated by not one, but two natural disasters. In 1985 the hotel caught on fire and burned to the ground leaving its stone shell mostly intact. However, years later the area was hit by a tornado further damaging this once-great hotel.
  • Badger Army Ammunition Plant, Sauk County, WI: In 1942 this was the largest ammunition plant in the world covering 7,000 acres. Much of it is gone but you can still visit the Museum of Badger Army Ammunition in one of the complex's old buildings that used to hold a giant mainframe computer.
  • The Grotto, Wisconsin Dells, WI: Full of spray paint and graffiti this man-made cave dates back to the 1900s when it was used as a saloon. Then, later it was The Dam Site Tavern until 1966. It has been long abandoned but is still a fascinating find in Timme’s Mill County Park.
  • L. Wade Childress, Prairie du Chien, WI: The "Ghost Ship" is a 176-foot push boat used to push barges on the Mississippi River. It was buffeted by nasty winter weather in 1985 and sank. it was raised the following spring but has sat abandoned ever since.