The Wisconsin Superstition That Will Give You Wealth, Luck, And Happiness In 2017

Practical Midwesterners aren’t particularly known for their superstitions – we may be much too pragmatic for them. But there’s something about the New Year that brings out the superstitious bits in all of us. After the year we just had, I think we could all use a little luck in the coming months.

Some say that Midwesterners like to enjoy pork and cabbage on New Year’s Day – something about the pig always shuffling forward, not back (signifying progress), and the green of the cabbage signaling wealth. The origins of this tradition in Germany and Austria do make it seem like something we’d be partial to here in Wisconsin, but it’s not a tradition I’ve seen in a lot of homes in the area.

Much more prevalent at New Year’s tables around the state seems to be herring.

There you have it – the one Wisconsin food that needs to make it into your New Year’s plans if you want the next 12 months to provide all the luck you could ever need.

Do you include herring in your New Year’s festivities? What other foods do you eat to help ring in a better New Year?