Who would have thought it, but Wisconsin sure is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Maybe we’re just so awesome that people like to hang around in the afterlife. Who knows? But plenty of people have taken to YouTube to document hauntings around Wisconsin. We’ve crawled the internet to find some of the most eerie and well-documented hauntings in Wisconsin, and you may just be surprised how many ghosts still wander the state.

The midwest is known for its kindness and regional hospitality, but it seems that some visitors have decided to never come home. Learn all about these eerie experiences by way of the videos below, and perhaps leave your own terrifying stories regarding hauntings in Wisconsin in the comments. We’d love to hear!

1. Baird Creek

2. Summerwind

3. Karsten Hotel

4. Lawrence Cemetery

5. Caryville

6. Plaza Hotel

7. Haunted Barn in Franklin

8. Sanatorium Hill

9. White Star Church

There’s nothing quite like a scary story, and the grim reality of these haunted places across the state of Wisconsin are unreal. Most folks haven’t heard these stories, and they’re well-worth the tell. The next time you’re around a campfire, you now have a story.

Are you a ghost hunter? Have you documented ghosts around Wisconsin? Tell us about it in the comments!

If you’re looking for more interesting and strange experiences in the heart of Wisconsin, check out the truly grim reality of these 10 deserted ghost towns. There’s truly nothing else like them, and their ghostly stories just might send a chill down your spine. 

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Hauntings In Wisconsin

What are the scariest haunted attractions in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin perhaps has some of the best locally owned and operated haunted houses in the nation. Come Halloween time, there are haunted experiences all over the state perfect for a Halloween night out on the town. Head to the Terror On The Fox Haunted House in Green Bay, Wisconsin, or the Mt. Pleasant Abandoned Haunted House Complex. Stoughton is home to the Screamin’ Acres Haunted Houses, and you’ll find that the Wisconsin Fear Grounds at the fairgrounds is perhaps one of the scariest haunts in the state.

What are the most haunted places in Wisconsin?

Some of the most haunted places in Wisconsin are the most low-key, and honestly quite surprising. The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee is known to be haunted by its founder, Charles Pfister, and has been featured on national shows and programs for its eeriness. Head to the Appleton Riverside Cemetery to visit the grave of a witch, or wander the “Bloody Bride Bridge” in Steven’s Point where folks claim a bride wanders on her way to her own wedding that she died mere hours before. The Clark County Insane Asylum in Owen is popular for apparitions and spirits wandering the halls, and the former residents are said to stick around and haunt the living. Yikes!

Are there any ghost towns in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is home to a few ghost towns, including Sinipee that was once bustling at the mouth of Sinipee Creek but was wiped out due to a malaria outbreak. Delhi has also been abandoned, once a fur trader filled town that was forgotten by the railroad. Helena is on the Wisconsin River and was utilized during the mining days of the area but has since gone defunct.