The Historic Hotel Chequamegon In Wisconsin Is Notoriously Haunted And We Dare You To Spend The Night

There are some guests at Best Western’s Hotel Chequamegon in Wisconsin who reportedly never checked out. This hotel has a long history in Ashland. The original hotel was built in 1877, and while it was completely rebuilt after a fire, some guests have noticed some unexplainable things. Hotel Chequamegon is a beautiful hotel in one of the most scenic spots in Wisconsin, and well worth a visit. That is, if you’re brave enough.

While guests have reported some unusual things at this Wisconsin hotel, they also rave about the Lake Superior views. If you’re hunting ghosts, or you’re in need of a getaway, this could be your hotel. If you’re a ghost hunter looking for new places to investigate, there are plenty of other haunted hotels in Wisconsin with occurrences that can’t easily be explained.

Address: Best Western The Hotel Chequamegon, 101 Lake Shore Dr W, Ashland, WI 54806, USA
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Haunted Places In Wisconsin

September 05, 2022

What’s the most haunted hotel in Wisconsin?

There are many haunted places located throughout the state of Wisconsin, including some pretty spooky hotels. One that’s often considered Wisconsin’s most haunted hotel is the historic Karsten Inn, which is located in Kewaunee. The Karsten Inn, according to several reports, is where a lot of paranormal activity takes place. For example, mists, orbs, and other strange things often appear in guests’ photographs. Many of these guests have also experienced phantom smells, hot and cold spots, whispering sounds, and footsteps during their stay. There’s even been a woman heard sobbing on the second floor. It’s believed that one of the ghosts that haunts the hotel is Mr. Karsten.

What are three of the most haunted places in Wisconsin?

As mentioned above, there are many haunted places in Wisconsin. From restaurants and hotels, to churches and cemeteries, the list is endless. Listed below are three of the most haunted places in Wisconsin, and each of them will give you chills.

1. Maribel Caves Hotel

Maribel Caves, which is located in Maribel, is a former hotel. It’s known as “Hotel Hell.” Everyone died after this hotel caught fire, and some of the skeletal remains are supposedly still on the top story. Because it’s on private property, you’ll have to view it from Maribel Caves County Park.

2. Fork in the Road

Located in Mukwonago is Fork in the Road. Over the years, this former tavern, now restaurant, has been haunted. Many customers have reported the sounds of strange voices and pool balls crashing into each other even though there’s nobody at the table playing.

3. Boy Scout Lane

Boy Scout Lane is located in Stevens Point and is very creepy indeed. According to local legend, a group of Boy Scouts were carrying lanterns while traveling down this road one night. One of the lanterns fell from a boy scout’s hand and set the surrounding forest on fire. The group of boy scouts died. According to several witnesses, flickering lantern lights can be seen along the sides of this road late at night.

Address: Best Western The Hotel Chequamegon, 101 Lake Shore Dr W, Ashland, WI 54806, USA