Get Your Picture Taken With A Ghost At Wisconsin’s Creepiest Photo Studio

There’s a photo studio in Wisconsin Dells that’s turning out some photos that are probably a little scarier than what’s hanging on your wall. Using old-fashioned and almost forgotten techniques, the HH Bennett Studio & Museum has photos sessions that literally raise the dead. Sit down, smile, and enjoy the moment… because what’s coming is simply terrifying. Read on to see why HH Bennett Studio & Museum is the creepiest photo studio in Wisconsin.

H.H. Bennett Studio and Museum is open seasonally, Thursday-Sunday, and is located at 215 Broadway in Wisconsin. Learn more about the museum here. Not far from the museum, you’ll find a haunted road that you might want to avoid at night!

Address: H. H. Bennett Studio, 215 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965, USA