Why The National Parks Pass Is Worth Every Penny

If you’re someone who happens to live near any of our country’s National Parks, or you plan on dedicating a chunk of your time to checking off as many federal recreation sites as you can, there’s one travel accessory that you can’t go without this year (or any year, for that matter). Giving you unlimited access to many of America’s National Parks, this travel pass is worth the money.

With so many national parks to visit in the U.S., buying an America the Beautiful Pass is a natural choice. Have you ever purchased an America the Beautiful Pass? Was it not totally worth it?

Do you have a favorite state or National Park you’d like to see us feature in the future? If so, tell us about it by filling out this form and you might just get your wish! For other useful travel tips, read about The Crucial Reason You Need To Tell A Flight Attendant If You Lose Your Phone On A Plane.

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National Parks to Visit in the U.S.

March 05, 2022

What are the most popular National Parks in the USA?  

Each and every year, millions of people flock to the United States for the sole purpose of exploring its amazing National Parks. Some parks tend to get a lot more love than others, and although we’re big fans of a good underdog story, we’ve also got to hand it to some of our parks for going above and beyond in terms of popularity for some reason or another. The National Park in the USA that gets the most love year in and year out, year after year is Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which saw an amazing 14.1 million visitors in 2021 – and that’s even WITH the pandemic. In second place, with significantly fewer visitors but still many more than most, is Zion National Park, which in 2021 saw 5.03 million visitors. Then, there’s Yellowstone National Park, which had 4.86 million visitors, and Grand Canyon National Park, which had 4.53 million visitors. Finally, Rocky Mountain National Park came in fifth place with 4.43 million visitors. We’re not surprised at any of these; these parks are incredible and need to be seen and experienced to believe. Are you also a fan of the underdog? Check out this list of more National Parks you can’t miss, even if they’re not the most popular.  

What are some truly amazing things to do outside in the USA?  

There is so much to do, see, and experience in the United States that it’s quite impossible to decide which ones are the best. After all, there are 63 National Parks in the U.S. at the time of this writing, and each one is worth a trip. They’re amazing, beautiful, historically significant, unusual, and all kinds of other things that make them unique, and the ultimate road trip would be one in which you visit them all. There are also 6,600+ state parks in the U.S., too, which ought to keep you busy for a while. You can also check out our amazing lakes; there are more than 250 freshwater lakes with surface areas of 13,700 square miles or more, which is inconceivably enormous – and those are just the big ones! Enjoy kayaking, camping, mountain biking, fishing, and hunting; go on a road trip and explore multiple states. It’s worth it!  

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