The Most Popular National Park In America Probably Isn’t What You Think It Is

Can you guess what the most popular national park in America is? Nope, it’s not Yellowstone. Or Grand Canyon National Park. In fact, the most-visited national park in the country is actually down south.

The National Park Service has just revealed that Great Smoky Mountains National Park saw the most visitors of any national park in the country in 2018. In fact, it hosted 11.4 million people. That’s almost twice the amount of runner-up Grand Canyon National Park, which saw “only” 6.3 million visitors.

Of all the sites in the national park system – including recreation areas, memorials, and parkways, not just national parks – Golden Gate National Recreation Area took the number one spot with 15.2 million visitors, followed by the Blue Ridge Parkway with 14.6 million. Great Smoky Mountains National Park took the third place spot.

In other park news, Walnut Canyon National Monument in Arizona saw its greatest visitor numbers in 25 years, and 28 parks in the nation set new visitation records in 2018. Americans are clearly camping, hiking, and exploring more than ever.