12 Waterfalls In Arkansas That Will Enchant You Beyond Words This Fall

Generally speaking, there are a few things that make autumn the best time to see Arkansas’s waterfalls: the cooler temperatures, higher flow rates, and backdrop of spectacular fall color. I say “generally speaking” because my little portion of Arkansas has no idea it’s October and it was well above 80 degrees at my house yesterday. Nonetheless, the land will be made aware of season eventually, and then we’ll find the autumn we’ve been waiting for. The coming rains will cause the creeks and streams to swell, and that extra water will make the Natural State’s waterfalls extra spectacular. Soon it will finally be cool enough to do some exploring without sweat running into your eyes, and some of these falls are a bit of a hike. Besides all that, you’ll really want to go chasing waterfalls this fall because there’s nothing quite like the beauty of falling water framed by exquisite fall foliage.

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