If you’re up for a real adventure, then today’s trek is for one for you! This two-for-one hike will take you to the tallest waterfall in Arkansas. Hemmed-In Hollow Falls and Diamond Falls will keep you looking up! Let’s lace up our hiking boots and check out this neck-craning, jaw-dropping trail. It’s a gorgeous hike to do solo, or with the whole family. Be prepared for some beautiful sights and plenty of nature on this amazing waterfall hike in Arkansas.

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Don’t feel left out if today’s hike is too far out of reach. Eden Falls or Falling Water Falls are in the same area but have much more accessible and family-friendly trails.

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Tallest Waterfall in Arkansas and more Information

Where can you find the most waterfalls in Arkansas?

Arkansas is known as the “Natural State,” and that’s for a good reason— Arkansas is famous for its stunning, natural scenic beauty, bountiful clear lakes and streams, and abundant wildlife all throughout the state. You can find waterfalls dotted everywhere, so no matter where you’re located in Arkansas, you won’t be far away from them. The best time to see waterfalls in Arkansas is after the rainy season, which means March through May and October through November. November is the rainiest month of the year, and during the summer months, the waterfalls dry up in the hot weather.

What are the most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas?

The most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas are found all over the state and are best seen during the rainy months. The run from single drops to wide, beautiful cascades.

The most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas are:


How many waterfalls are in Arkansas?

Arkansas is home to over 200 stunning waterfalls all around the state. That 200 includes only year-round waterfalls that have been named; the state has many more during its rainy seasons. The tallest waterfall in Arkansas is Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls in Ponca Wilderness Area in northern Arkansas. This single-drop waterfall is 209 feet tall!

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