The One Trail In Arkansas That Definitely Belongs On Your Bucket List

Get out your binders, folks, it’s time to update your Arkansas bucket list once again. This time we’re adding one of the most beautiful trails in the Natural State, but not simply because it’s an Arkansan favorite. We’re adding it because it’s so undeniably awesome that every Arkansan needs to experience it at least once. Lost Valley Trail is located in the Buffalo National River region in Arkansas, and you can find directions to the trail by clicking this link.

Have you tackled Lost Valley Trail in Arkansas before? Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? Lost Valley Trail is easily one of the most beautiful hikes in Arkansas. You’ll find more things to do in the area by reading this article about Ponca. You’ll also want to explore Boxley Valley.

Address: Lost Valley Trail, Arkansas 72742, USA
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Lost Valley Trail in Arkansas

May 28, 2021

What are some scenic hikes in Arkansas?

Lost Valley Trail in Arkansas is definitely one of the most beautiful treks in the state — but The Natural State is full of many, many more stunning trails. If you’re looking for more scenic hikes to take in Arkansas, definitely check out these nine trails, which we believe to be some of the most beautiful hikes on the planet! We’re no exaggerating here, either. Glory Hole Waterfall Trail in Deer, Arkansas, is a 1.8-mile trail that leads to the eponymous Glory Hole Waterfall, one of Arkansas’ more unique and wondrous waterfalls. Just outside of Ponca, the Goat Trail leads to a seriously jaw-dropping view of Big Bluff overlooking the mighty Buffalo River. The trail is about six miles in length, however, with a rugged terrain and several steep inclines, making it not ideal children or anyone afraid of heights (the amazing views are well-worth it if you’re a seasoned hiker, however!). If you’re looking for some scenic hikes in Arkansas that are accessible for all skill levels, here are 12 beautiful treks all under five miles long!

Does Arkansas have many places to go camping?

The camping in Arkansas is incredible, which is no surprise, really; we are The Natural State, after all! Visitors can camp at all of 32 of Arkansas’ state parks, and Cane Creek in Star City and Daisy State Park in Kirby are two of our favorite spots to pitch a tent. If you’re out exploring and hiking and simply must continue the party and pitch a tent for the night, there are some really wonderful campsites in Arkansas where no reservations are required. Some of our favorite places to camp in Arkansas include Wolf Pen in Oark, South Fourche in Plainview, and Moccasin Gap in Dover.

Where are some beautiful places to camp in Arkansas?

Looking to take your Arkansas camping experience to the next level? Try Steel Creek Campground, a stunning campground on the Buffalo River that looks up to the infamous Roark Bluff and other gorgeous scenery. Sam’s Throne Recreation Area in Mt. Judea is a primitive campground, but the amazing vistas more than compensate for that minor detail! If you’ve ever looked out from atop Mount Magazine then you’ve already seen the beauty of Blue Mountain Lake Recreation Area and the Petit Jean River Valley. The state park tends to stay crowded but an overnight stay at the rec area is much more quiet. Campsites begin at $18/night and can be booked right here. (Prefer to stay in a cabin versus pitching a tent? This cozy cabin in the Ozarks is absolutely sublime.

Address: Lost Valley Trail, Arkansas 72742, USA