Imagine taking a day set aside just for road-tripping around Arkansas, and you get to look at some of the most beautiful Arkansas waterfalls ever. Sounds like an awesome plan, right? Let’s get started on this trip by looking at some amazing places around the Natural State you’ll want to visit while on the road. Gas up the car and load up your favorite playlist, because you’re going to love this epic Arkansas waterfall road trip. And just to make sure you have everything you need, be sure to use our ultimate road trip packing list!

After all the hiking you’ve done, now it’s time to complete the road trip. Time to relax and take a scenic drive back up to Bella Vista, Arkansas. Make sure you use this Arkansas waterfall road trip interactive map and enjoy making your weekend extra memorable, especially if there’s a need to get up and go somewhere interesting and get some energy out of the kids’ systems. This trip is also a wonderful experience for new and professional photographers to hone their skills in beautiful scenery.

What do you think of this waterfall road trip in Arkansas? Have you visited any of these beautiful places? Let us know in the comments below!

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Waterfall Road Trip In Arkansas

What are the best wildflower hikes in Arkansas?

Depending on the time of year you visit Arkansas, you could be met with an explosion of color from beautiful wildflowers. A few suggestions for wildflower hikes in Arkansas include:

  • Cherokee Prairie Natural Area
  • The H.E. Flanagan Prairie Natural Area in Charleston
  • The Allsopp Park Trail in Little Rock is a lovely little 3.7-mile loop trail


Which hikes in Arkansas are best in the winter?

Often underrated due to the weather, winter hikes can be some of the most peaceful and scenic adventures you can have in the Natural State. There’s something so calming about taking a hike through a snowy forest that just resets your soul and reenergizes your spirit.

  • The Lost Valley Trail in Ponca is a moderate trail clocking in at just under two miles that features beautiful scenery as well as a waterfall that’s stunning in the wintertime.
  • The Glory Hole Waterfall Trail located in Deer is another moderate two-mile trail and if you time it right, you’ll catch the waterfall in its frozen state, which looks like a beautiful pile of diamonds that’s a must-see during winter.


What are the most easily accessible hikes in Arkansas?

One of the best things about exploring Arkansas trails is that there’s a trail for everyone, no matter your ability. Accessible trails can be found all over the state, including:

  • The Dale Bumpers White River National Wildlife Refuge
  • The Ouachita National Forest
  • Bull-Shoals State Park
  • The Crater of Diamonds State Park

While several of these trails in these areas are listed as accessible, it’s advisable you call the park beforehand to find out more before you visit. You never know when a trail may be closed for repairs, wildlife protection, or flooded out.

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