This Natural Wonders Road Trip Will Show You Arkansas Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Now that summer’s almost over, who’s ready for some vacation time? What if I told you that in just 11 hours of driving time, you could see 10 of Arkansas’s most incredible sights? The Natural State is chock-full of natural wonders, and we’ve mapped out 10 of them for your next epic road trip. Most of us working stiffs only get weekends for adventures, but you’ll want to linger at every one of these places, so let’s consider this adventure just perfect for a three day weekend. Most of these places are already on your Natural State Bucket List, so really you’ll be killing two birds with one stone in the course of one epic road trip. That third day you need off work? Well, I think you have a fever. And is that a cough I heard? Luckily the only cure is the open road and these 10 slices of heaven.

For a map plotting all the places you’ll see, click here.

Please note, Blanchard Springs Caverns is temporarily closed.

If you’re into road trips, you definitely don’t want to miss this one.

If you’d rather shell out the cash for only one tank of gas, this is the trip for you.