The One County In Arkansas With Over 100 Waterfalls You’ll Want To Visit

It’s no secret that Arkansas has a plethora of gorgeous waterfalls. We’ve mentioned the ones you can enjoy in a drive-by, the more hidden falls, and the most unique. There’s one particular area in the state that’s an absolute waterfall paradise. Newton County is overflowing with more than 100 falls (which isn’t even including all of the unnamed ones) but don’t worry, you won’t have to scroll through 100 pictures today. We’re just focused on our top ten favorites in the county.

It’s not easy finding a comprehensive list of waterfalls by county. The World Waterfall Database, Tim Ernst’s waterfalls guidebooks, and Rick’s Hiking Blog were all used in today’s research.

What’s your favorite Newton County waterfall? Share yours with us in the comments below!

Newton Country is also home to the town that’s filled with outdoor activities and the town that’s secretly the best place in Arkansas.