The 1-Mile Terry Keefe Falls Trail In Arkansas Is Full Of Jaw-Dropping Natural Creeks And Bluffs

Richland Creek Wilderness Area is a popular hiking destination with lots of breathtaking waterfalls. Most widely known include the Twin Falls, Fuzzy Butt Falls, and the Richland Falls. But have you heard of the Terry Keefe Falls? If not, take the 1.1-mile hike that is full of jaw-dropping bluffs, and you’ll be amazed at the end of the trek.

So, have you ever hiked the Terry Keefe Falls Trail? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the jaw-dropping natural bluffs and creeks along the way. The trail might be a bit challenging to find, so use this interactive map to pinpoint the exact location of it. 

And while you’re in the Richland Creek Wilderness Area, be sure to check out the other breathtaking waterfalls nearby. 

Address: Terry Keefe Falls Trail, Witts Springs, AR 72686, USA