The 6 Best Places To Hide In Nebraska In The Event Of A Zombie Apocalypse

With Halloween coming up – and a certain popular zombie-themed show coming back to TV with a new season – a lot of us have zombies on the brain…pun intended. Have you ever thought about where you would hide if the walking dead came looking for a meal in your neighborhood?

According to a set of data created by, Nebraska scores very low on the list of states that would survive a zombie apocalypse. Because the state is mostly flat, zombies will be able to cover ground quickly. There’s a lot of space between towns, so there aren’t enough places for survivors to stock up on and replenish their supplies. But with some careful planning and a lot of luck, you may be able to wait out the oncoming apocalypse by heading to one of these safe(ish) places.

Obviously we don’t really believe a zombie apocalypse is actually on the way, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to think like a survivalist for a minute. That way you’ll be prepared for whatever the future does bring.

What do you think? If zombies did start to take over Nebraska, where would you go to hide?