If There’s One Fall Festival You Attend In Nebraska, Make It The Ponca State Park Hallowfest

Fall is a magical time in Nebraska. Crops are being harvested, temperatures are becoming more bearable, caramel apples are finally making their annual comeback, and festivals are popping up all over the state. If you only have time to attend one of those festivals this year, make it Hallowfest at Ponca State Park.

The Ponca State Park Hallowfest takes place over two weekends in October. Some activities require a fee and/or pre-registration, so check out the park’s Facebook page for updates and announcements. A state parks permit is required to enter the park.

If you’re still hungry for more fall fun, the state’s most popular fall festival happens in Nebraska City. Learn more about the famous AppleJack Festival.

Address: Ponca State Park, 88090 Spur 26 E, Ponca, NE 68770, USA