There Is An Avocado Launching Competition Headed To Nebraska In May

Some things you do for money, some things you do for love…and some things you do because it’s fun to do dumb stuff. That’s the idea behind a new event happening in May of 2022. The winner can take home up to $5000, so read on to find out all about this goofy championship.

Even Buffalo Bill is getting in on the avocado-launching fun! If you’d like to register, you’d better assemble a team fast – the registration deadline is May 1st. All competitors must be at least 18 and there is a fee to register. Most importantly, no outside avocados are allowed.

For those of us who aren’t looking to compete, we can look forward to watching as dozens of avocados sail through the air at Wild West Arena. We hope the National Avocado Launching Championship becomes a beloved Nebraska tradition.

Address: 2400 N Buffalo Bill Ave, North Platte, NE 69101, USA