The Quirky Nebraska Town That Transforms Into A Pumpkin Wonderland Every Fall

Every town has its own special way to celebrate fall, and for the small city of Crete, that means a whimsical city-wide pumpkin fest. Residents pull together to grow grand pumpkins, provide food and entertainment, and create a family-friendly festival that everyone looks forward to.

For 2018, the Pumpkin Blitz will take place on Friday, October 5. A few festival activities are scheduled for Saturday, October 6, but the main events will happen on Sunday, October 7. While the festival is usually held outdoors downtown, a rainy forecast this year has caused a slight change in plans. Sunday’s events will be held in Doane University‚Äôs Fuhrer Field House. You can find a complete list of events and times right here.

Have you ever attended Crete’s Great Pumpkin Festival? Are you going this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!