History Has Forgotten This Bizarre Nebraska Event From 1884

There are a lot of funny, unusual, and just plain weird things in Nebraska’s history, but one in particular is so odd that it’s been all but forgotten. In 1884, something otherworldly happened in Dundy County…and almost no one knows about it.

Since the incident, this bizarre story has resurfaced at least a few times. The first was in the 1960s when a copy of the original newspaper article was discovered. Reporters and ufologists flooded Dundy County to question local citizens and uncover the whole story. But they were met with steely silence; no one would say that they had ever even heard the story of the UFO crash.

Interestingly, this story from Nebraska seems to predate every other UFO sighting reported in newspapers at the time. Little Dundy County could very well be the place where UFO mania started so long ago.

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