There’s Nothing Better Than This Epic Festival In Nebraska

In other parts of the country, people get together for massive outdoor music festivals. In Nebraska, we look forward all year to a different kind of festival. Spring brings a massive influx of winged visitors who will be here only a short time, and we love to get out and see them before they take off again.

The Sandhill Crane Festival is an unusual kind of festival in that there’s no loud music, no acres of food vendors, and no plastic souvenirs. This is a festival for nature lovers who know that the best things in life come from the earth.

For more information on the festival, including accommodations, exhibitors, events, and more, click here. While this is the official Audubon festival, there are other events taking place throughout Kearney, Grand Island, and many surrounding areas all through March. Find information about some of the many other crane viewing tours available here, here, and here.

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