The Spooky Reason Why You’ll Never Stay On The 13th Floor Of A Hotel

Next time you’re in a hotel elevator, take a closer look at the buttons. Chances are, you won’t see one for the 13th floor. That’s because in many hotels, the floor technically doesn’t exist.

Fear of the number 13 may sound silly, but it’s actually a real phobia that affects a surprising number of people. The formal name for this fear is triskaidekaphobia, and it makes people feel acute anxiety when they run across the number 13.

That’s why many hotels go straight from Floor 11 to Floor 14. Some places even label the 13th floor as something like 12A or 14A.

So how often do places opt to “get rid” of the 13th floor? More often than you might expect. An incredible 91 percent of 629 condo buildings in New York City skip the 13th floor when labeling elevator buttons and numbering properties, according to CityReality.

Even if customers don’t have a real fear of the number 13, it may creep people out subconsciously. Studies show that people are less likely to want to rent or buy properties with the house number 13, and many hotels report that guests request not to be lodged on the 13th floor.

In a spooky coincidence, a 2007 Gallup Poll confirmed that 13 percent of respondents would feel uncomfortable staying on the 13th floor.