Avoid Making This Common Mistake When Driving A Rental Car

When you cruise off the lot with your rental car, you probably know to avoid risky driving or parking where you shouldn’t. But are you being careful enough at the pump?

It’s extremely important to make sure that the car you’re renting takes the same type of fuel as your usual vehicle before filling up at a gas station. If you’re used to ordering unleaded fuel but your temporary ride takes diesel, it could lead to major problems on the road.

Filling up with the wrong fuel can cause permanent damage to an engine, which might saddle you with a huge bill when you return the car. Even if you don’t wind up with serious damage, fueling your car incorrectly can lead to stalling or leave you stranded in an unfamiliar place.

Be sure to talk to your rental company about what type of gas your new car takes and what kind of coverage they offer in the event of a mistake. A few moments of attention to detail could save you hundreds.