This U.S. Airline Will Let You Name Your Price To Give Up Your Seat

One airline is letting you name your price to sell back your seat in the event of an overbooked plane.

United Airlines is now trying to solve the problem of overcrowded flights by offering customers the opportunity to auction off their plane ticket to the airline if a flight is overbooked. Here’s how it works.

When you check in, you’ll be prompted to indicate if your travel plans are flexible or not. If you do have some wiggle room, you’ll be asked – via an airport kiosk, your computer or smartphone – how much money you’d need to be offered to change your plans. You’ll be able to choose from set amounts of $100, $200 and $500 with the option of entering in your own price.

The airline will then select the lowest offer in the event of an overbooking. This system could help passengers who would otherwise be stranded far from their destinations as well as rewarding customers who have more flexible travel plans.

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