Here’s Why You’re Almost Never Offered Pepsi On Flights

When that beverage cart rolls around, Pepsi-lovers are usually out of luck. But have you ever wondered why Coca-Cola, not Pepsi, is the standard soda on most airlines?

It’s not just your imagination. Almost every major airline opts to serve Coke products over Pepsi drinks. That’s also why you’re less likely to spot snacks like Ruffles, Lay’s, Fritos, and Mountain Dew onboard a flight – those products are all owned by PepsiCo.

The simple answer is that even though PepsiCo is a massive company, Coca-Cola is even bigger. More people drink Coke than Pepsi, especially overseas, which means that airlines usually opt for Coke in order to appeal to a broader range of passengers. Plus, the more passengers are accustomed to finding Coke on in-flight menu, the more agitated they might be to find it replaced by Pepsi on a different airline.

Another reason is that diet soda – especially Diet Pepsi – is actually extremely difficult to pour at high altitudes because it gets extra fizzy, meaning that flight attendants need to stand in the aisle for longer as they wait for the drink to settle.

The more you know.

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