This Las Vegas Alternative Is Perfect For A Budget-Friendly Vacation

Craving a vacation to Sin City, but not quite ready to spend the big bucks? Never fear: there’s a similar destination that will help you save some extra cash while still providing all the glitz, indulgence, and excitement of a Vegas getaway. TripAdvisor recently revealed a list of underrated alternatives to popular American travel destinations, and this oft-overlooked city snagged a spot near the top.

Reno, Nevada sits approximately 250 miles northwest of Las Vegas and is frequently referred to as the “Biggest Little City in the World.” While most Americans have heard of Reno, relatively few have chosen it as a vacation destination, typically opting to spend time amid the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas itself.

According to TripAdvisor, though, a hotel stay in Reno could ring in at approximately 14% less per night than a stay in Vegas -which means visitors will have some extra pocket money to spend on dinner, drinks, slot machines, poker tables, souvenirs, special events, and more.

If the financial difference weren’t enough, Reno also offers a handful of laid-back yet fun alternatives to typical Vegas activities. There are approximately 20 casinos to select from in Reno, so you’ll never be without access to a night of gambling. Reno also evades some of the more intense desert temperatures that leave Vegas visitors feeling scorched, instead offering cooler weather and milder conditions.

When you need a break from the crowds, you’ll be thrilled to find that Reno sits just 22 miles from Lake Tahoe, making for an unforgettably scenic day trip from the city. After enjoying a “Vegas Alternative” adventure, you might just find yourself returning to Reno year after year.

Are there any other American destinations that serve as awesome alternatives to more densely populated tourist spots throughout the country? Have you explored Reno during past travels? Share your experiences and recommendations with us in the comment section below. Or, to read about another underrated locale here in the United States, check out our previous piece.

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