Here’s How You Can Live In A Truly Amazing National Park

How does an extended vacation to an incredible national park in America sound? If you have the time, funding, and inclination, you can permanently live in Indiana Dunes National Park for free…sort of. Indiana Dunes National Park is relatively new, and it opened in February of 2019. It’s an amazing place and has already made some headlines for offering a pretty unique opportunity. Indiana Landmarks is literally searching for someone to live in a strange-looking home overlooking Lake Michigan free of charge.


Think about it, though: each morning, you wake up to beautiful Lake Michigan, an oceanic-looking behemoth of a lake sure to make you feel like you’re living on a beach somewhere in paradise. Honestly, Indiana Dunes National Park is pretty much a paradise in and of itself – beach notwithstanding – and it would be truly exquisite to live there. This time, though, the catch might be a little much for us. You can give it a shot, though! Even if you don’t go for it, this is definitely a national park to visit in Indiana, and it belongs on your bucket list.

For more information and to submit a proposal, visit the Indiana Landmarks website here. They’re still waiting for the right person to come along. Could it be you?


Address: Indiana Dunes National Park, 1215 N State Rd 49, Porter, IN 46304, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

National Park to Visit in Indiana

March 04, 2022

What are some fun things to do outside in Indiana?  

Indiana is an amazing place to visit or live, and we here at Only In Your State feel like it doesn’t get the love it deserves. Entirely too often, folks who aren’t from around here tend to put the Hoosier State in a box (a box typically labeled as “flyover states”), and we’re here to say that that’s pretty unfair, because our state is awesome – you just need to know where to look. Some of our favorite things to do outside in Indiana include visiting any of our amazing state and National Parks. Check out Turkey Run State Park for some of Indiana’s most amazing hiking, fishing, and waterfalls. It’s amazingly green during the warm season and feels like something out of Middle Earth. Visit Brown County and embark on an adventure at XPlore Brown County, where you can go ziplining, do awesome hikes, and so much more – all in the beautiful outdoors. Try your hand at mountain biking, hiking, camping, and just about anything else your heart desires. For more information about XPlore Brown County and the epic goings-on around there, check this article out!  

What are the most popular hiking trails in Indiana?  

Get this: there are more than 1,000 amazing trails all over Indiana just waiting to be discovered. Check out some of our favorites, like the awe-inspiring Cowles Bog Trail at Indiana Dunes National Park. This trail is short and sweet, easy, and features all kinds of fascinating rare plant life. While at Indiana Dunes, make sure to also check out the Indiana Dunes Trail 8 to Trail 4 Loop; it’s ridiculously scenic and worth the trek for sure. Head out to the Hoosier National Forest and check out the amazing Hemlock Cliffs National Scenic Trail, too – it’s truly amazing, and you’ll forget you’re in the Midwest at all.  

Address: Indiana Dunes National Park, 1215 N State Rd 49, Porter, IN 46304, USA