You May Be Surprised To Learn These 12 Famous People Are From Massachusetts

We all know that the Kennedys and the Wahlberg brothers are Massachusetts stock, but there are definitely a few other famous people from Massachusetts! Check out this list of celebrities in Massachusetts: they were all born and bred in the Bay State!

There are truly a number of great famous people from Massachusetts! If you know of any other celebrities in Massachusetts, share them in the comments. We always love hearing Massachusetts trivia.

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Massachusetts Trivia

August 09, 2021

What are some fun facts about Massachusetts?

Did you know Boston had the first subway system in the country? Massachusetts also had the first zip code in the United States! Check out more weird and fun facts about Massachusetts in this article.

What are some of the best state parks in Massachusetts?

We’ve got a lot of really awesome state parks in Massachusetts. One that we love was actually the first to be designated as a state park, Mount Greylock State Reservation. It’s got over 50 miles of trails and you can see the five surrounding states!

What are some of the best cities for living in Massachusetts?

We’ve got some great family-friendy towns here. And did you know that Hopkinton is actually the safest city in America? There are also some really great small towns outside of Boston that are definitely worth a visit.

Address: Massachusetts, USA