We Bet You Didn’t Know This Small Town In Massachusetts Was Home To The Oldest Grape Juice Company In America

Founded in the year 1635, the town of Concord has become known for many things during its long history. But one small town claim to fame it has over any other small town is that it’s home to the oldest and the first grape juice company in America! Furthermore, that company also happens to be the oldest grape juice company in the world. Dr. Thomas Welch first started making unfermented grape juice in 1869 and the Welch’s company has been growing and going strong ever since.

Did you know about this small town claim to fame? Do you have a favorite Welch’s product? Let us know in the comments. You can learn more on Welch’s official website and Facebook page.

Did you also know that Concord has the most outdoor attractions in Massachusetts than any other small town? It’s one town that everyone should explore!

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Address: Concord, MA, USA