11 Interesting Facts About Massachusetts That We’ll Bet You Didn’t Know

Everyone knows that there are lots of interesting facts about Massachusetts. The state is home to some of the most important moments in our nation’s history. From the Boston Tea Party to the first-ever Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s easy to say that the Bay State is some of America’s most important treasures. However, when it comes to Massachusetts state facts, they are a few that aren’t as widely known. Massachusetts is the birthplace of some lesser-known gems and relics. From fun facts about Massachusetts to oddball Massachusetts trivia, here are some interesting facts about Massachusetts that we’ll bet you never knew…until now.

So, how good are you at Massachusetts trivia? Did you know these fun facts about Massachusetts? What interesting facts about Massachusetts did we miss? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Can’t get enough Massachusetts trivia? Then you’re going to love reading about the amazing things invented in Massachusetts.

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Interesting Facts About Massachusetts

May 10, 2022

Are there any haunted castles in Massachusetts?

Fun facts about Massachusetts don’t end with those mentioned above. There are all kinds of interesting things about the state, including the fact that it’s home to a haunted castle. Located in Gloucester, the Hammond Castle Museum is purportedly haunted by the castle’s creator and first resident John Hays Hammond, Jr., who built the sprawling estate in 1926 to house his expansive collection of artifacts from ancient Rome through the Renaissance. Over the years, museum visitors have reportedly seen several apparitions, but it’s not just the ghost of Hammond that’s been spotted. Legend says Hammond’s wife and former groundskeepers also haunt the castle.

What are the best little known attractions in Massachusetts?

There are quite a few little known attractions in Massachusetts, and Gunn Brook Falls is one of them. The 20-foot waterfall is nestled within the Mount Toby State Forest in Sunderland, but don’t let that deter you. It’s one of the best easy-access waterfalls in Massachusetts and can be easily reached via a short out-and-back trail. When you arrive at the fall, you can trek down to its base, but it’s somewhat steep and obviously slippery, so use extreme caution. If you prefer to simply admire the waterfall, you can do that too. There are plenty of shaded areas surrounding the fall, so consider packing a lunch and staying a while.