Once The Tallest Skyscraper In Boston, Massachusetts’ Ames Building Was A True Feat Of Engineering

At one point in time, the city of Boston didn’t have the skyline you see today. There was no Millennium Tower, Winthrop Center, or Prudential Center. In fact, a much smaller building was once considered the tallest skyscraper in Boston. Let’s take a look at the Ames Building in Massachusetts.


Have you passed by and marveled at the Ames Building in Massachusetts? What building do you believe to be the most impressive in the state? Tell us about it in the comments! To learn more about the Ames Building, visit the Boston Preservation Alliance website.

Massachusetts has numerous buildings that are extraordinary works of architecture including Simmons Hall. Part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, there’s no other dorm quite like this!

Address: 1 Court St, Boston, MA 02108, USA