It’s Impossible To Forget The Year Massachusetts Saw Its Single Largest Snowfall Ever

Massachusetts is no stranger to fierce winters. We frequently experience storms that drop what seems like an endless amount of snow on our towns and cities. Who here hasn’t spent an hour or two digging their car out before driving to work? However, one year in recent memory brought a record-breaking snowfall that knocked all others out of the park – it was the year Massachusetts saw its single-largest snowfall ever.

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Though the state eventually recovered from this massive snowfall, it will be an event that will live on in the record books for years to come. Do you remember where you were during Winter Storm Juno?

Of course, this wasn’t the only devastating storm Massachusetts has weathered. Check out these other massive blizzards that have struck the state.

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Massachusetts' Largest Snowfall

December 02, 2021

What are the highest (and lowest) record snowfalls in Massachusetts?  

Massachusetts is a state that knows its snow! For as long as this landmass has been around, this region has seen some interesting winters. For example, in February 2013, a blizzard dumped an incredible 100 inches of snow across the state. In winter of 2014/15, Boston saw its original record (an impressive 107.6 inches) beaten by a slim margin, with a total of 108.6 inches – one whole inch more than the previous record. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are some winters where the state gets a paltry amount of snow, barely even touching the winters where all it seems to DO is snow. Some places around the state had years where less than 20 inches of snow fell; though these kinds of events are rare, they do occur from time to time.  

What were the worst blizzards in Massachusetts?  

Obviously, Massachusetts is no stranger at all to some pretty nasty winter storms, including ice storms and blizzards. Some of the worst blizzards in Massachusetts history include winter storm Nemo, in 2013, during which winds reached up to 102 miles per hour in some places, blowing record-setting amounts of snow into almost impossibly-sized snowdrifts. In 1978, more than two feet of snow fell very quickly, burying entire towns in the cold white stuff. In 1969, a Nor’easter dropped an impressive 27 inches of snow on the state, and in 1888, the entire region saw one of the single worst blizzards in American history. More than 400 people were killed in the 1888 disaster, and snowdrifts got up to 50 feet deep in many places. For more interesting tidbits about these and a few other of our worst-ever winters, check this article out. It’s not often that Massachusetts sees a crazy, record-breaking winter – but it’s not unheard of, either.