The Crazy Reason Idaho Is Full Of Underground Hermit Caves Will Surprise You

If there’s one thing you learn by researching Idaho’s history, it’s that the Gem State was founded on stamina, sweat, and vision. The sheer desire to carve a living out of the landscape dates much farther back than the Gold Rush; instead, Idaho’s place in pioneer and trail-blazing history is a fascinating one.

The remnants of the men and women who contributed to forming the state we know and love today left their mark on history and on the landscape itself, often literally. Wagon ruts, pictographs, and ruins dotting the state are all unique places to explore, offering glimpses into the past that can’t be found in history books. One such place is perhaps the most overlooked of all, but it’s hidden away in the heart of one of Idaho’s most historic regions: the Salmon River Valley, birthplace of Sacajawea and landmark town for the Corps of Discovery. Here, you’ll find the remnants of a dugout cave system that is fascinating, to say the least – and few people know about it.

Talk about one of the most interesting characters and interpretive sights in Idaho!